Trail Rides​

Our Osage County, Kansas farm displays various types of terrain ranging from planted hay fields, native prairie pastures and wooded trails with creek beds. Slow, peaceful horseback travel allows our visitors to relax and take in the plentiful plant life native to our area, as well as the awesome Kansas skies. The adventurous can even follow the deer and blue heron tracks along the creek beds!

  • Beginners trail ride: Spans approximately two hours here on the ranch. In addition to the above attractions, the final half hour will be spent visiting an 1870’s cemetery that lies within Salt Creek Ranch property.
  • Intermediate ride: Limited to a more experienced rider desiring an afternoon trip down the Flint Hills Nature Trail. Enjoy beautiful scenery, a multitude of wildlife, wildflowers in season, and long horned cattle when the herd is home. This ride also spans approximately two hours.

Fees for beginners ride is $65 per rider.

Fees for intermediate ride is $90 per rider.

per rider, plus applicable taxes.

For an additional fee, an evening campfire dinner can be included with either of the above rides. 
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